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After many years of buying and showing lambs, I convinced my father that we did not have to buy winners, we could raise them. Needless to say we have produced lambs that can do their job in the show ring.

But more importantly, we have also produced females that are functional and provide a good base for high quality show lambs. But like any good program, the rams contribute 50% of the genetics, so by no means are they shabby in anyway.

Our sheep mainly consist of crossbred ewes, bred to registered Hampshire Rams or High Percentage Hampshire Rams. Although our program is still in the early years, we have strived to produce High Quality Club Lambs and Breeding Ewes.

So, we invite you to take a look at the pictures that are posted, and let us know what you think. If you find yourself interested in looking closer, then please contact us.

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"Dirty Deed"
Fryman 1007
Sire: Show Off
Dam: Fryman 114

“007” (Fryman1007) is an amazing ram that we saved as our keeper in 2011. He is sired by Show Off and out of Fryman 114, one of our foundation ewes that traces back to Isaiah. He has a flat, square stylish hip, and handles great down his top. He produces stylish productive ewes, and meat packed whethers that handle great, and gain efficiently. His ewes are the next generation of our flock, and we look forward to what his genetics will do to move us to the next level. Offering 1/2 ownership, with possession.

"Honest Abe"
Sire: Jeb
Dam: 735 ( Harms)

Our pick of the 2009 Keeper Rams. We have wethered many Jeb sons and regretted it, but when this late February lamb arrived we knew we would not make that mistake again. Out of a Harms ewe we purchased at that NAILE Market Mamas sale, this Jeb son does everything right. Study the picture taken while in service with ewes and you will not be disappointed. He looks like much more than just a ram lamb, with his massive base width, heavy bone structure, super long length of body and overall mass he is the total package. Even in service, this lamb meet your hand with tons of muscle down his top and through his leg, not to mention he handled awesome. We are excited that we have exposed him to some of our best yearling ewes, we expect great things from him in the future.
"Hanky Panky"
Hancock 1062Sire: Hancock 9172 (Rupp Plus)
Dam: Hancock 8164


We purchased Hanky Panky from Mike Hancock in the fall of 2011 with great expectations. His first lamb crop was worth waiting for and we are very happy with his offspring and can not wait to see what the summer brings. This ram is the real deal with flawless structure, thickness and awesome top shape. We think he can take our program to the next level, siring not only fun to show market lambs but also daughters that will set themselves apart from the rest of the flock in design and preformance. His pedigree is proven...it works and we are excited to continue using him for years to come.
Sire: Tater
Dam: 119 ( Haycraft)

Spud is our home raised Tater son that is long, elevated at the point of the shoulder, handles great and has plenty of style. He was a February lamb that came on fast and we knew early on that he was a keeper. Pictured here while in service with ewes during the fall of 2009, you can appreciate his total package that combines eye appeal, excellent bone, flawless structure and length of body. He may not be our heaviest muscled ram but he has that look.
"Show Off"
Sire: Strut

We purchased this ram at Sedalia from Ott Club Lambs. Study the pictures carefully. He has an excellent top and goes into his loin and hindsaddle very smoothly. We have high hopes that he will propel our breed program to the next level by raising the shoulder and balancing out the overall lambs. We also think he'll make some great ewes.
Sire: Cabaniss

Jeb was our first purchase ram, and he has done us proud. We purchased him from VanSickle’s Hampshire in Winchester, KY.

This ram has proven that he passes on the genetics to produce tight hided, thick hipped and massive leg lambs. On top of that, his daughters define High Quality Producing Ewes.
They call me "Tater"
Sire: Tot

"Tater" is another ram we purchased at Sedalia from Barns Club Lambs. This guy was split decision because we really did not need another ram. He has great potential and some really good genetics standing behind him. He is a very well balanced ram that feels amazing down his top line.




Isaiah is a 3/4 Hampshire Ram that we purchased at the Lamb Power Sale from Melvin Club Lambs.  He was a ram that we came across while looking for whethers and one that we could not pass up when the price was more than right.


This ram is 2/3 hind saddle and passes that length and extension on to his offspring.  Furthermore, he lifts up the front ends of the lambs and gives you eye appeal that cannot be missed.


"Game On"
Sire: Show Off
Dam: 106 ( Jeb X 101)

Our pick of the 2009 Show Off ram lambs. Game On is out of one of the best ewe families we have here at Fryman Farms. Going back to Jeb on the top and one of our original ewes on the bottom side we are sure proud of this guy. We had great hopes for Show Off and he is fulfilling our expectations with progeny like Game On. A stand out from the time he hit the ground and always the one everyone picked out in the pen, we decided that is was time to grow out a Show Off son as he had proved himself able to make champion market lambs. Game On is long, thick and fancy, what else does one need. It sure is easy to look forward with ones like him in the keeper pen.



Fryman Farms
Gene, Rita, Daisy, and Eugene Fryman and Paul and Ellie Gripshover

9716 East Bend Rd.
Burlington, KY 41005

H: 859-586-4576


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