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Thanks for your interest in Fryman Farms, we believe in quality locally grown products.  All of our meats are raised here on the family farm in Northern Kentucky near Rabbit Hash, KY.  Our family directly oversees daily feeding and care for the livestock to ensure you the highest quality product we can provide.   We do NOT use hormones or growth stimulants in our livestock.  Our livestock are raised on pasture and supplemented with grains to enhance the flavor and marbling of the meat.  We are confident that once you taste the difference, you will be amazed. 

Our Guarantee:  
We stand behind our product, if you are not happy with it, we will buy it back. 

We offer quarters, half and whole sides of beef.  In addition, we offer smaller packages and individual cuts (See Below) when available.   Cost of the meat is based on package weight

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after processing. All meat will be vacuumed packed and frozen. Nothing can be better than the convenience of having wholesome, natural, great-tasting beef right in your freezer!  Meat can be delivered to your home in the tri-state area for a delivery fee or at a convenient location at no additional charge or you can pick up the meat at our farm. 
Half and Whole beefs are priced at $6.60 per pound.  The exact amount depends on the weight of your beef after processing.  Grilling steaks are mostly processed as bone-in cuts, as this helps provide flavor when grilling.  Steak thickness is recommended at least ¾” to 1 in, but can be customized.  We recommend roast be 2-3 pounds, but you may customize this as well.  Stew meat and soup bones are included in your order.  Heart, Liver and tongue can also be included in your purchase.  Some special request cuts, such as de-boning and extra trims, may require a higher price due to extra processing fees and weight loss to the potential products.  Please give us a call we would love to work with you and customize an order to fit your needs.



We offer half and whole side of lamb as well individual cuts when available. Lamb is priced at $8.00 per pound package weight after processing when purchasing halves or wholes. 

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Individual Cuts are priced per cut (See Below).  All meat will be vacuumed packed and frozen.  Great tasting lamb can be hard to find, look no further.  Meat can be delivered to your home in the tri-state area for a delivery fee or at a convenient location at no additional charge or you can pick up the meat at our farm. 


Whole chickens are available thru custom orders – 5 birds or more at $3.49 per lb or can be purchased individually when available for $3.99 per pound. 

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Orders larger than 10 birds can be customized.  This may require a waiting period until the next crop of birds are processed.  Please call in advance to place larger orders. 


·What is a Beef quarter? 
A quarter consists of approximately 80-125 lbs of packaged meat, like you purchase in the grocery store.

·What is a Beef half? 
A side is approximately 160- 250 pounds of great tasting beef. 

·How much meat is a whole beef? 
Plenty of meat here, approximately 360-500 pounds of packaged meat depending on the size of the animal that is processed. 

·How will my meat be packed? 
All meat is vacuum packed. 

·Can my meat be delivered? 
Yes, meat can be delivered in the tri-state area at no charge for large orders and a small delivery fee for smaller orders.  Meat can also be picked up at the farm by appointment at no charge. 

Fryman Farms
Gene, Rita, Daisy, and Eugene Fryman and Paul and Ellie Gripshover

9716 East Bend Rd.
Burlington, KY 41005

H: 859-586-4576


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